CampCTF Spam100 – pwn

Few days ago I had the chance to attend to Chaos Communication Camp 2015.
I personally had a great time camping, swimming in the lake and catching up with friends I usually bump into conferences like this — including an old friend from high school I haven’t seen in ages.

This year CCC Aachen held a capture the flag competition at the event named CampCTF. The CTF was open for everyone interested and there was no requirement of physical presence at the camp to play.

I admit I barely touched my computer while at the camp — I was more keen to enjoy a good time with friends and have holidays — I had a go with some of the challenges of the CTF.

Without further ado, let’s proceed with the actual write-up of one of the challenges of the CTF: Spam100.
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CampCTF Spam100 – pwn