Hello stranger, pleased to meet you!

My name is Julio, a Brazilian-born, Poland-based computer security consultant. In my typical 9 to 5 life I usually conduct penetration testing of web & mobile applications as well as source code reviews. Before moving to Krakow I lived for a few years in Australia and England, also working for the man in the information security industry.

Secretly I wish I could quit my career in information security to run a bar somewhere in Eastern Europe. I will achieve this one day.

I consider myself a citoyen du monde. I perceive my identity as belonging to a global community instead of a single place. I do not believe in abstract concepts of countries or nation-states and I think borders are nothing but lines drawn by racist imperialists. Kein Mensch ist illegal.

My personal PGP key (from October 2014) can be found here.


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